Romain de Ferron * 29.09.2022 20:00 Uhr * Alhambra

Romain de Ferron - Ravi


Romain de Ferron
[Lyon, France]
something more
[يد الجوزاء, Orion /// Gamma Tauri, Hyaden]


Donnerstag, 29.9.2022
20:00 Uhr

Trotz Temperatursturz und Bauarbeiten – der Alhambra-Mythos lebt weiter (DANKE MIK) mit einem Konzert von
Romain de Ferron + something more!
Es gilt wie immer: Konzert auf Spende – Glühwein, Grog oder Salbeitee selber mitbringen.

Den mellow garden of peace findest du 30 Meter geradeaus von obiger Stelle.

Romain de Ferron

A true and prolific veteran of the French DIY scene as a member of outfits like Omertà and Balladur, key editor of the cult zine Fond de Caisse and one of the heads behind the compelling Echos festival, Romain de Ferron has paved multiple paths for himself with ever-surprising outcomes. Solo, he’s been going at it for years, becoming renowned for melodies that evoke utopias of differing scales and moods: glittery video game adventure lands, mellow gardens of peace, and countless sceneries permeating with unspoken pathos.

Romain’s narrative takes the intrepid listener through hills of rolling digitalia, where one can splash around aquatic reveries and come up for air in fields of bursting color. All this imagery comes together in a sort of New World phantasmagoria, with disembodied vocals and swirling melodies adding to the fantastical elements that make this a heightened, pleasantly dizzying listening experience.

No trips need be taken here ~ they’re already in the mix.

Romain de Ferron auf Bandcamp

Romain de Ferron
Cover Romain de Ferron – Passer les Champs

Alhambra, ggü. Bauwagenplatz Krefelder Str.

Romain de Ferron - Passer les Champs

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